Redg's Startup Story (Interview Highlights):
by ambyrne
InterviewAn interview with Redg Snoddgrass, CEO Wearable World

Interview with Redg Snoddgrass, CEO Wearable World for

For this interview for inspiredstartups, Andy chats with Redg Snodgrass, the founder and CEO at Wearable World, Silicon Valley incubator focused on seed stage Wearable Technology and IoT based companies. Redg is also on the founding team of SKOUT, global mobile social network for meeting new people.

Redg puts on his thinking cap and imparts his knowledge of IOT technology, crowdfunding and start-up advice.

Learn about Redg’s startup story and get a taste of what it is really like to be an entrepreneur in the ‘wearable world’
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 Redg’s Startup Story (Interview Highlights): 

 1) Redg describes network connectivity, personal computing adoption and crowdfunding and how all of these trends came together and created the “Eureka!” moment for his Wearable World incubator initiative.

2) It’s hard to pick favourite wearable technology, but it’s definitely not Google Glass!

3) Redg’s view on current trends in wearable technology.

4) Are you considering pursuing a startup? Listen to Redg’s words of wisdom first!

5) 95% of startups have no clue about building a brandlearn from big brands!

6) Redg discusses the latest trends and startup scene in Silicon Valley and shares insights into what can other startup ecosystems learn from it.

7) Redg gives his top tips for your entrepreneurs and startups out there in Ireland.

8) Reach out to Redg if you need help or advice with your startup!

An interview with the CEO of Wearable World

An interview with the CEO of Wearable World