Make Any Device 'Smart' With Simple To Use Smart Plugs
by ambyrne
Andy's Smart LifeAndy’s Smart Life – Make Any Device ‘Smart’ With Simple To Use Smart Plugs

This week I look at Smart Plugs and smart power strips. With these add-ons to your smart home, you can make even non-smart devices smart with the ability to switch on and off as well as set routines and timers using the SmartLife mobile app, or voice control with Amazon Echo or Google hub.

I’ve selected 2 that I use myself, one a single plug and the other a 4 x 4 power strip with 4 plug sockets and 4 usb ports. Each of the plug sockets can be given a unique name and controlled individually. The best thing about these devices is that they do not need a hub to function, all they need is a connection to your WiFi network.

AOFO Smart Power Strip with 4 Plug Outlets & 4 USB Ports:

TECKIN Smart Plug WiFi, No Hub Required: